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Review: Talk Nerdy to Me (Nerds #5) by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Talk Nerdy to Me (Nerds, #5)Talk Nerdy to Me by Vicki Lewis Thompson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is the fifth of the Nerds series by Vicki Lewis Thompson, and possibly the weakest so far. The books are linked by theme, rather than by events, so they can easily be read out of order. While it was a fun read, I don't think I'd be missing anything if I'd skipped it.

This book is about a pair of nerds. Eve Dupree is a fashion model and high school dropout, but she really wants to be an inventor. Charlie Shepherd is leaving his tiny Connecticut hometown for a job at the Hoover Dam, but is sidetracked overhearing an explosion in Eve's garage. It's lust at first sight, and, though he doesn't want any entanglements holding him back, they're soon all over each other.

While I understand the appeal of chaps, and agree with Eve's assessment that they showcase some of a man's better features nicely, the repetition of the word within this book renders it almost meaningless. Once they're used as a prop during sex, I was hoping they'd drop it, but soon they have to reminisce about that one time Charlie was wild and spontaneous.

Without repetition and overthinking, though, this would've been a slim volume, indeed. First they have to overthink Charlie's inevitable new job, and whether he's capable of a meaningless fling. Then, as Eve's invention appears to be sabotaged, the obsessing turns to safety measures and speculating about who might've done it.

The dialogue failed to improve since the last book, and some of the sexy elements were actually creepy. I have no idea what the point of the neighbor's alien abduction thing was about, and her winking offer to share her sex toys with Eve was horrifying. That's unsanitary. Then there's some voyeurism that was also pointless and creepy, and is shrugged off by the characters. The involvement of people in one another's sex lives in this book is truly dizzying.

While I enjoy these books for their lovable beta males and naughty hijinks, I would've skipped over this one, if I'd known how little I'd like it. I hope the next one's better.

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