Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review: No Need to Ask by Margo Candela

No Need to Ask
No Need to Ask by Margo Candela

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Did you ever get the feeling a book was written for you? Not that the author sat down with you in mind, but that you said to yourself one day that you'd like to read a book with this type of character and this kind of pacing and this resolution? And then, you picked up a book, and read it, and got the funny feeling the Universe had granted you a request?

If I'd known I'd get that wish, I probably would've wished for something different. But still, a book that hit all my tastes at once, well, I'll take it.

This book, which is novella length, follows Jillian Winters, a set designer for a TV show which shares several elements with a few TV shows I recognize, though not so many Maisy York, the spoiled star of the show, could be matched up to an existing actress.

Then, while Jillian is hunting for the perfect lamp, she meets Ethan Marshall, who asks her to decorate his spacious loft. He's handsome and successful and recently divorced. Her love life consists of the leftovers her jerk ex-husband, Owen, is willing to share, so she's ready to entertain romantic notions.

The story is sweet, though not the most complicated one I've ever read. I did believe that these two people genuinely liked and were attracted to one another, and that the obstacles in their paths were truly obstacles and not anyone being stupid. The romance is sexy without ever getting explicit, leaving it to the reader's imagination why Jillian is grinning like that.

Once again, Margo Candela uses elements that I liked in the last book of hers I read, Just Like That. Jillian is smart and successful, and she has a strong friendship that never takes a back seat to her relationship. Her banter with Trudy, her best friend, makes for some of the best lines in the story.

I understand this book is getting a repackage from the release I originally read, including a new cover. It was a good investment even before the repackage. If you like fun stories about wonderful women getting what they deserve, I'd strongly recommend you pick this up.

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