Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Progress post: Book 2, draft 3

It turns out that this is the third draft of "Reincarnate," as I found out when I went to save a copy of what I'd typed up from my handwritten pages.  The first draft must've been really awful, for the second one to be that scattered and unfocused.  Ah, the trials of a pantster.

This draft is starting from a much clearer spot, and there are echoes of book one.  But the characters have changed from that ordeal, and they react differently, now, which changes the whole shape of what unfolds.  There will be echoes and similarities between books one and two, but they're completely different creatures.

The addition of a second perspective is adding a lot to this draft.  Instead of my one character running into just the right people at the right time, or hearing a secondhand rehash of important information, I can show those events through the eyes of the character who's most invested in those events, and it'll make sense that the character can be in the right place at the right time.

The most fun part of writing up this draft is cackling over the things my characters don't know yet.  Oh, are they in for a ride!

I've typed up all the handwriting I have so far, and added a few more words.  Right now, single-spaced (I always type up drafts single-spaced), it's most of the way through chapter 2, and 8 pages in.  My word count is 4860.

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