Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review: Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt
Wild Hunt by Margaret Ronald

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I did not enjoy this as much as Spiral Hunt, the first in the Evie Scelan books. I did enjoy it, and I liked the use of Boston as a setting, which was as much of a character as those who had speaking roles. It just wasn't as well-put-together as the previous novel.

This book has Evie getting hired by a powerful and apparently sane magic user, who wants her to figure out which item of hers has been stolen so that she can return it. Meanwhile, Nate (Evie's good friend and potential love interest) is having some personal issues of his own, and people are putting pressure on Evie to fill the void created from her actions in book 1.

It felt like there was a lot going on, and like Evie wasn't as invested in it. She had a personal stake, sure, but I just didn't feel it the way I did in the first book. I didn't feel the passion between her and Nate, and I didn't feel her panic at the thought she might lose him. She just seemed to have so much on her mind that the budding relationship seemed like more of a distraction than a motivation.

I do plan on reading book #3, in hopes that Ronald has gone back to the style and emotional veracity that drew me through to the end of the first book. This one was a fight to get through, unfortunately, and I thought she could do so much better.

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