Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review: Dexter in the Dark

Dexter in the Dark
Dexter in the Dark by Jeff Lindsay

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In this, the third installment of the Dexter series, Dexter loses the "dark passenger" who's been informing his murderous impulses all this time, and he learns about its nature. There have been hints of the supernatural throughout, and it grows a lot more blatant this time around. I had hoped that the talk of the "dark passenger" was simply allegorical for the parts of himself Dexter is uncomfortable with owning, but this is disproved.

I'm fine with this latest twist on Dexter's world. The loss of stars is more because I was annoyed with the interruptions in the narrative of the "it" who stalks Dexter throughout the book. I like Dexter's narration, and I like his voice. The detached, impassive voice in those sections, I felt, didn't add anything, and took away from the parts I liked.

As with previous books, I found myself laughing out loud at Dexter's wry, darkly humorous observations and his dry delivery. I'm more used to the reader now, too, so he wasn't as much of a distraction.

I plan on reading the fourth book, and I did enjoy this one. I just hope the "it" who watched Dexter doesn't keep getting to hijack the narration.

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